Emma Claire Physiotherapy Practice is committed to ensure the best standard of care and practice, this includes what we do with your data. The privacy of your treatment record and the data that I hold will be protected and used in strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


As a Physiotherapist I am required legally to collect a certain amount of data relating to you the client. This information is processed as a medical record. I will ensure that your data which is collected, held and transferred, is done so in line with GDPR "Good Practice Guidelines". I have a legal obligation to keep medical records for a certain amount of time after which they will be destroyed in line with medical data practice. No data will be shared with external marketing agencies.


If you have any complaints or concerns about any aspect of this privacy policy and the ways in which I obtain, store, manage or destroy personal data, then please contact


Alternatively, you can raise an issue, if you feel I have in any way handled your personal data unfairly or inappropriately, with the Information Commissioners Office. Further details on GDPR and data protection laws can also be found at the ICO website.



We do not accept liability for loss of,or damage to patients' personal possessions while in our clinics unless clinics the loss or damage can be proved to have been caused by an employee at Emma Claire Physiotherapy Practice.


We do not accept liability for death or personal injury unless proved to have been caused by the negligent act or omission of Emma Claire Physiotherapy. Your statutory rights are not affected.